Sunday, October 16, 2016

Children's Book Author David Shannon Brings Laughs to Lukas

I have a feeling many of you have at least one book at home by children's book author and illustrator David Shannon. Duck on a Bike, A Bad Case of the Stripes, No, David!, and Duck on a Tractor can all be found on the bookshelves in our home. The stories bring us great laughter and countless teachable moments. So when our Digital Teacher Librarian, Mrs. Laughlin, asked if we could host an author visit by Mr. Shannon, I jumped at the opportunity. 

On October 4th, Mr. Shannon arrived at Lukas and treated our kindergarten through 4th grade students to a rousing reading of Duck on a Tractor followed by a lesson on how to draw David--and why he looks the way he does. The students excitement was palpable throughout the presentation. Those students lucky enough to purchase a book were able to receive a signed copy with Mr. Shannon in our library once the presentation ended. 

I am pretty sure this day will be one of those memories that last in peoples' minds for a long time to come!

Standley Lake High Brings Play to Lukas

Recently, a group of very talented Standley Lake High School students dropped by Lukas to provide some entertainment to our kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students. The play, The Day the Toys Helped Out, was put on by the Children's Theater Class at Standley Lake. Our students were so engaged in the play, and a few even got to participate. This is just one example of the collaboration happening across all grade levels and schools in our articulation area. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Tastings

Our students get to experience some very creative learning opportunities. I recently learned about Book Tastings from Mrs. Wasinger, one of our 6th grade teachers. I was confused at first and thought maybe I misheard her: Book Tastings? Surely, she meant testing . . . as in students were being tested on something they recently learned in a book. Nope. She meant tasting. I didn't think they were eating books so I asked her to share a little bit more about these tastings. It turns out they are a part of literature circles during reading instruction. To start the literature circle process, the class held a 'book tasting' on Wednesday afternoon to get a 'taste' for a number of books. Students were given time to look at each book, read a few pages and then give the book a rating based on whether or not they would like to read that book. Mrs. Wasinger will place students into their literature circle groups based on student's book selections. Animal crackers and punch were also served for real taste and fun. 

Here are a few pictures of the Book Tasting:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

6th Grade Flag Bearers

6th Grade Flag Bearers

One of the great honors our sixth grade students have is raising and lowering the American flag each school day. It is a privilege bestowed on only a few students. Interested students were required to submit an essay (read by the sixth grade teachers and me) outlining why they wanted to be the Lukas Flag Bearers and how they demonstrated the maturity and personal responsibility needed for the task. Below, two of the students who were chosen, take great care in folding Old Glory.

This is just one example of the many ways Lukas students engage in civic and personal responsibility each and every day at our school. Thank you, Skywalkers!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome to Mrs. Williams Blog!

Dear Families, 

One of the ways you will see me communicating with families is through my blog, Skywalking with Williams. I will use this blog to share and celebrate the everyday joys I have the privilege of experiencing as your principal. I may use this space to share a short story about a student losing his first tooth or a student who met her reading goal. Other times, I may share notes from a recent field trip or school assembly.

There are also so many wonderful things that teachers and staff make possible at Lukas. Here's just one:

Lukas will be celebrating its 30th birthday in 2018. I was curious to know if any original logos or artwork were still floating around. Mrs. Siroky, one of our paraprofessionals (who has been with Lukas since we first opened), shared an original drawing she kept over the years. It was pretty cool, but didn't exist in a digital format, which is needed to create logo apparel and other school spirit items. Mr. Gassen, our art teacher and resident logo designer, spent quite a few hours creating a digital version. The final result is pretty amazing.

Look for this logo on clothing that will be for sale in the near future.


Mrs. Williams