Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Welcome to Mrs. Williams Blog!

Dear Families, 

One of the ways you will see me communicating with families is through my blog, Skywalking with Williams. I will use this blog to share and celebrate the everyday joys I have the privilege of experiencing as your principal. I may use this space to share a short story about a student losing his first tooth or a student who met her reading goal. Other times, I may share notes from a recent field trip or school assembly.

There are also so many wonderful things that teachers and staff make possible at Lukas. Here's just one:

Lukas will be celebrating its 30th birthday in 2018. I was curious to know if any original logos or artwork were still floating around. Mrs. Siroky, one of our paraprofessionals (who has been with Lukas since we first opened), shared an original drawing she kept over the years. It was pretty cool, but didn't exist in a digital format, which is needed to create logo apparel and other school spirit items. Mr. Gassen, our art teacher and resident logo designer, spent quite a few hours creating a digital version. The final result is pretty amazing.

Look for this logo on clothing that will be for sale in the near future.


Mrs. Williams